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Algorithmic Improvement

Attending the 27th Northeast Regional annual Consortium for Computing conference(CCSCNE) at Ithaca College. Competing in the programming competition that’s held at CCSCNE and reporting back on our methods of study, and experience while attending the conference. The purpose of our research is to find the best methodologies and practices to become a better programmer, and problem solver. It’s a specific team’s three-month experience in expanding their problem-solving skill, implementation time, and program implementation and analysis. Data has been gathered by solving problems from previous CCSCNE’s competitions. Specifically, metrics concerning speed to implement an algorithm and the efficiency of the algorithm in big O notation in memory and speed with varying data input. It’s expected that competition and team cooperation has made each team member a better programmer . This would mean that: 1: Improved time to implement a solution to a specific problem. 2:  Better algorithm efficiency per an implementation. 3: Pair or group programming might be better as a tool learning when programing  than programming alone.

Ari Bannish '23, James Summa '23, Jacob York,
David York '24
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