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How does culturally responsive teaching affect students? The impact of culturally relevant teaching in a classroom k-5.

Why should teachers use responsive teaching in their classrooms? Using culturally responsive teaching is important in education because it teaches students to understand different perspectives. I created a research-based pamphlet for education students and other people interested in the topic. The pamphlet is an effective way to distribute my information because it's small, easy to navigate,  and can be carried around with ease. The question was researched by looking at different articles, journals, and videos. I have also used first-hand knowledge I have seen in the classroom setting. My research continues the current conversation and educates others about Culturally responsive teaching, an important topic in education. As a future educator, I am committed to helping to educate others on the importance of culturally responsive teaching and to helping my future students by providing this in my classroom.

Samantha Brody '25
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