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Emergency Preparedness for Natural Disasters

Emergency Preparedness is steps and actions that you can take prior to disaster to ensure you can be more safe before, during, and after disasters. Natural disasters are one type of disaster and they are unexpected. Fortunately because of emergency preparedness we have a head start. When these unfortunate disasters occur people tend to focus on the aftermath and what we can do to help afterwards, but by educating people we can teach that before these disasters are just as important. Educating people on emergency preparedness and natural disasters can help reduce fear, anxiety, and especially losses that tend to accompany these natural disasters. These losses could be something personal, like property or belongings, or they could be something like someone's life. It is important to know how to prepare for these emergencies and for communities, families, and individuals to partake so that we can try to reduce the risk of loss as much as possible.

Alyssa Bukowski '25
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