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Dealing with memory loss diseases and how to support those in need.

What are tactics, tools, and methods to help support seniors ages 60+ with memory loss diseases in a comforting way? Dementia is on the rise right now with 60 million plus people nationally suffering from it. Being educated on the topic will aid those who encounter dementia and those who are caregivers to people with dementia. I am creating a blog post to share my research.  Blog posts are very common and have a format that is easy to understand; this genre also will allow me to reach a large, widespread audience.  The question was researched by reading different informative articles, watching Ted Talks discussing the question, and as well as a video where a caretaker discusses what it is like to take care of a person with dementia.  My research brings up methods to help people who are dealing with loved ones with dementia to make both the caretaker’s and loved one’s lives easier. They are able to use strategies I have given and apply them to their situation.

Kerry Donnelly '25
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