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Land Surveyors Relationship with the Public and State Entities

Land surveyors play an important role in helping us determine which land is suitable for development and recreation. The study was undertaken in order to gain a better insight of land surveyors and the relationships they have with the general public and state entities alike. Methodology included interviewing two land surveyors from Hancock Associates about the day to day responsibilities, their relationship with public and state entities, and memorable experiences that they have had throughout their career. Findings suggest that land surveyors are responsible for helping Fish and Wildlife Management manage conservation land throughout the United States, and that planners rely on land surveyors as they need accurate measurement of property lines and precise mapping locations. Overall, land surveyors are an integral part in the community, and in protecting the environment. Without land surveyors, planners, real estate professionals and other stakeholders would struggle in determining precise locations on maps, and determining which land is suitable for development.

Ryan Hurley '23
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