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Nestor's Murder Mystery

Nestor’s Murder Mystery can be played online across multiple devices anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection. You can assist Nestor in solving this murder case on his brand new train line. Or, if you want to take a classical approach you can gather your friends around a single computer and play it like your parents used to play in our “HotSeat” feature! It’s a game that can be fun for the whole family. This game was made by a team of computer science students using scrum methodology and agile principles. The game uses MVC architecture and multiple object-oriented design patterns, such as the factory and singleton methods. The technologies we utilized include the Java programming language, JavaFX for our GUI, and GitHub as our version control. If our game sounds fun to you then come on over and give it a try! You’ll have a blast and hopefully learn something about software engineering along the way.

Brenden LaForest '23, Evan Shannon '24, Dan Shlykov '24, Spencer Wakefield '24  
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