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Why are dreams important?

Everyone dreams whether they remember them or not; some have similar dreams while others can be completely bizarre. No matter what kind of dreams you have, they all contain the same potential to be used in creative ways. In my research I looked at information from the psychology field and the science field. I dove into different kinds of dreams and what they mean, different dream function theories, tips on how to remember your dreams, and examples of how dreams have been used for things such as problem solving. This topic is extremely important; in one of my sources I read about a research study conducted on college students. They were asked to think about a chosen problem before they went to bed. Most of the students in the study felt through dreaming they had at least assessed their problem if not solved it. This is just one example of how to use your dreams to benefit you in your conscious life. My poster has examples of how dreams have been used creatively and as inspiration for famous creators like Beethoven. All the way from Beethoven to Westfield State students, dreams help us with our lives.

Jillian Lemon '26
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