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Stink Bugs Inevitable Destruction of the Fresh Fruit Industry

The Brown-Marmorated Stink Bug, Haylomorpha halys, is an incredibly fast-growing, invasive species of hard-shelled bugs, introduced to the North Eastern United States in the early 1990s. Over that time, the stinkbugs have expanded to the west coast, and have lawmakers, farmers, and scientists worried about their effect on the grape industry. Our group of data analysts hypothesized that the rapid expansion of Brown-Marmorated Stink Bugs would result in the decline of the Concord Grape, (Vitis labrusca), population. We used several methods to prove this hypothesis, such as mapping analysis, population studies, and scientific journal research. Through our population analysis and data research, our group found that stink bugs have little effect on population distribution, but their spread poses a significant threat to the fresh fruit industry.

Austin Lourake '24, David Vasilchenko '26, Desmond White '25, Max Wickersham '25
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