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Jules Cullinane ‘24
NCUR 2023 – University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, McIntyre Library
Special Collaborative Artistic Project Winner – Human Health and Wellness

My art journey began with cartoons. I spent hours as a kid replicating my favorite characters from the screen onto whatever I had near me. I loved escaping into the world of what I saw on TV, imagining myself there. Additionally, I have watched my dad go into surgery almost twice a year since I was born, my brother was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes, and I developed a rare autoimmune condition. I saw my relationship with my health begin to impact how I create art. I started using material that was difficult or completely impossible to erase, teaching myself to be more comfortable with mistakes and marks that were not "intentional". My process changed from drawing what I see in front of me to drawing what I feel, mapping out my emotions on paper, and converting those feelings into artwork. I am interested in being part of a collaborative team that works on the theme of human health and wellbeing. My health experiences have helped me to cultivate more efficient and effective team-skills.  Being sick, I couldn't do everything on my own and that was a hard lesson to learn. I know how to take other people’s suggestions and combine them to include my unique perspective while contributing to the process even if I am not in control. It is my belief that the only thing that separates artists from non-artists is the will to create. This passion has driven me for as long as I can remember. There is nothing more that I want to do than share what I make with the world and I'm excited by this opportunity to create a collaborative mural with unique and diverse artists.

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