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American Healthcare students, Ghana needs your help

This poster encourages Westfield State University students going into health care to make a short-term medical mission trip to Ghana. These short-term healthcare workers are needed in Ghana because the country lacks healthcare equipment and staff in the healthcare field. There are more patients than there are healthcare workers to take care of them.  That is why Ghana brings people from America to help the Ghanaian hospital workers in rural communities and bring needed healthcare equipment. I researched information on healthcare needs in Ghana and interviewed my cousin, a nurse in Ghana, who told me that healthcare is a big issue no matter where you live in Ghana but it is worse in the rural areas of the country. Therefore, healthcare workers from abroad mostly serve in rural areas because those patients are the ones who need the help. After showing healthcare students why their service is needed in Ghana, I provide information about two organizations that bring American healthcare workers to Ghana for medical volunteer trips.

Rona Poku-Mensah '26          
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