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Effects of Culturally Responsive Pedagogies on Bullying

How can incorporating culturally responsive pedagogy into the classroom help students who are being bullied? Culturally responsive pedagogy is a research-based approach to teaching, which connects students’ cultures, languages, and life experiences with their learning. By teachers having a culturally responsive pedagogy, they are helping students make the classroom a safer place. If students are aware of the different cultures, races and more, then bullying will lessen as most cases of bullying are due to a child being labeled as different. My project is a tri-fold poster which will address important definitions, reasoning for the pedagogy, importance and ways that classrooms can adopt a culturally responsive pedagogy. I decided on this genre because I feel that you need to catch peoples eye to get their attention about something important, by making it look good which I believe I can accomplish through my poster. My research matters because as a future educator I am concerned with the safety of students in the classroom and for those who are parents, guardians, family or even friends may also show these same concerns which will be addressed through my poster. Throughout my research I have discovered that students feel safer being themselves in the classroom if they are represented through books, lessons, and more. As students learn more about themselves and others, they will not only make the classroom a community but will also have a broad understanding of the society around them, which will benefit them in life. My goal of this project is to raise awareness educators about the importance of being culturally responsive.

Alexis Pratt '25 
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