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TW Creative Online Portrait  hosted at

 In this digital age it is important to have a professional presence online. TW Creative, hosted at is the base of my online portrait showcasing my experience as a creative professional with samples of my work over the past twenty years.  As a freelancer, I’ve been able to collaborate on a diverse array of projects in a variety of lead roles on sets throughout the United States, Europe, Australia, Asia, and the Caribbean. I have enjoyed opportunities to work as an Onscreen Talent, Wardrobe Stylist, Production Coordinator, Talent Manager, Art Director, Producer, and Creative Director. While studying at Westfield State University I have had project based learning in many of my classes, to my delight! A selection of my best work from these professional and student projects are available, highlighted, or mentioned. TW Creative Online Portrait offers viewers the opportunity to see a broad assortment of my skillset and experience through a variety of completed works presented on the projects page. A written account of my professional experiences, clients I have worked with, and my educational accomplishments, along with some fun behind the scenes footage are presented on the about page.  The contact page enables viewers to reach out to me directly or connect with me on social media. It is my goal to have an excellent professional online portrait where potential employers, clients, and collaborators can get to know me as a creative, see some of my best work, and have the ability to connect with me directly or on social media.

Tara Wallace '24
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