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How Yoga Affects Self-Perception

Self-perception is the way a person views themselves and the qualities that they embody, it is made up of their concept of self, social-self, self-esteem, and self-knowledge. A higher self-esteem is related to a good self-perception and maintaining good self-perception is what helps people avoid getting hurt by rejection and is what motivates us to keep pushing forward. Past research suggests that yoga is beneficial in the self management of stress, anxiety, depression, and overall well being (Sahni, et al., 2021). The aim of this study is to see if engaging in yoga exercises will increase one’s self-perception. It also aims to see if yoga has an effect on emotional regulation and self-esteem. Participants will take the Rosenberg Self Esteem Scale, do a 15 minute yoga video, and then take the Rosenberg Self Esteem Scale again. This self test-retest experiment assessed if results improved, decreased, or stayed the same as a function of doing the yoga. There were no prior requirements to participate in this study, and participants were not required to have any preexisting knowledge of yoga or materials. The findings in this study will make way for a better understanding on how/if yoga contributes to a better self-perception within an individual.

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