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The Lack of a Relationship Between ADHD, Switching Majors and Indecision

Choosing a college major is important for future success. ADHD as well as indecision can affect one’s ability to choose the right career path. Past research has been done on college students with ADHD to determine if their disability contributes to their decision to switch majors. The hypothesis of this study states that college students with ADHD are more likely to switch majors than college students without ADHD due to their higher rates of indecision. Westfield State University students were given a survey asking them about ADHD diagnosis and history of switching majors. After completing the survey, the subjects' responses were collected and compared to their scores on an indecision scale. A two-way ANOVA comparing ADHD, no ADHD, switching majors, and not switching majors, was conducted after all of the finalized data was collected. There was no significant relationship between ADHD, switching majors, and indecision based on the students who participated in the study. One of the reasons our hypothesis may not have been supported could be due to the fact that there weren't enough participants who had ADHD. For future research it would be beneficial to ask more specific questions within the survey that better represent ADHD and indecision. It would also be helpful to get participants from the Westfield State University learning disability center as well as students from other universities. This would encourage universities to provide support for students when choosing a college major.