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An Educational Intervention on Promoting Early Mobilization to Prevent Adhesive Capsulitis

The insertion of pacemakers and implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICD) is a fairly common procedure done for patients on cardiovascular and telemetry units in a healthcare facility. These devices aid in controlling the heart rhythm of patients with various pre existing conditions. There are multiple risks associated with undergoing this procedure. A commonly overlooked complication is adhesive capsulitis, or frozen shoulder. This scholarly project proposes to provide education to staff on this complication and postoperative light upper extremity movement in an effort to decrease the incidence of adhesive capsulitis with their patients. A review of the most current, up to date literature was conducted on scholarly, peer-reviewed articles. These articles consisted of randomized controlled trials, prospective observational studies and obtained qualitative research. The evidence summarized that early mobilization and simple upper extremities movements were safe and effective in preventing adhesive capsulitis in patients who underwent a pacemaker or ICD insertion. This project focuses on promoting patient education at the bedside for the appropriate patient population, therefore providing patients with the understanding and knowledge to prevent this complication from occurring in the future.

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