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Responding to an RFP for the redevelopment of a property

Vacant land can be an issue in communities for a number of reasons including that it can be an eyesore or potential health hazard. The property known as the Gemini Site in the South End Neighborhood of Springfield, MA is one such example that the City is looking to redevelop into multifamily housing. They have issued a RFP (Request for Proposals) for the purchase and redevelopment of this site. The purpose of this project is to create a response to the RFP that is on par with what would be submitted to the City professionally. The method used for this project is a content analysis. It was conducted by taking the goals listed by the City for the RFP and using that as the basis for the content analysis research. For each of the 8 goals listed, 4-5 sources were identified. The results of the content analysis include strategies to enhance a multifamily development such as providing adequate green space and social relationship building opportunities This project is important because it addresses a need for the City of Springfield and from the public view while fitting in to the surrounding neighborhood. The results show an example of a real-life case study as well as strategies for researching and responding to an RFP effectively.

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