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(Almost) No Child Left Behind - How the History of Racial Inequity in American Public Schools Impact Urban School Students

Contrary to what many white people believe, racism is not dead. It has simply evolved, seeming more subtle in certain arenas. This subtle racism has crept into our public school system, though some argue the system has been racist since its creation. Not only has current racism impacted America’s schools, but effects from previous racist legislation still linger. The effects of redlining are still strongly felt in the impacted neighborhoods generations later, and the schools in redlined areas feel the impact as well. The question necessary to ask is how have the impacts of redlining - along with the racist roots of the public school system - affected the quality of education for young urban children of color? This poster will be made using library research and qualitative data in order to showcase the severity of this issue. Acknowledging this issue will ideally lead to conversation and legislation allowing better funding, better supplies, better teacher pay, and less stigmatization surrounding urban public schools.

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