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Allen Ginsberg Biography

Allen Ginsberg is a man who faced a lot during his 70 years of life. His poem, “Howl”, that’s located in his fourth poem book series, walks his readers through all the pain he has faced. Ginsberg is a man of steel, as he has survived through a lot. My presentation is in pechakucha form, which is a short, timed 6 minute and 40 second presentation consisting of 20 slides that are 20 seconds each. This recording presents a biography on the poet, Allen Ginsberg, who is the author of “Howl and Other Poems” and many other poetry books. In my Honors American Literature Since 1865 class, we focused on his poem “Howl”, which is the poem my pechakucha was centered around. “Howl” covers the trauma and hardships that Ginsberg faced over the course of his life. My presentation is 18 slides with two of them having double the amount of time, 40 seconds. The two main sources I used are 1 Ginsberg’s “Howl”, and the other is from a secondary source, The several other sources I used in my presentation are the sources from where the images I found are from. The majority of my presentation is a biography on Ginsberg with two quotes that I included from “Howl” and a quote from the secondary source.