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Instagram: Do Paid Ads Engage More Than Organic Growth?

The goal of social media marketing is to create consistent engagements, maintain a following, and bring awareness to your brand. Instagram is becoming a great tool for social media marketers. Instagram’s algorithm is influenced by four different things: information on posts, information on the page posting, user activity, and user interaction history. Other things like time spent, number of likes, comments, saves, and profile taps are also taken into consideration. When a brand builds their social media presence using an organic approach, they are using free tools offered by Instagram. They are posting content for their already loyal followers to see and engage with. This helps the brand maintain relationships with these followers, but it does not allow the brand to gain new ones. Paid growth allows brands to reach a new audience. To do so, a brand will pay Instagram to share their content. In return, Instagram interrupts their algorithm and inputs the brand’s content for the new users to see. This allows the brand to reach Instagram users that may not see their content otherwise. If the user likes the brand’s content, they will engage with the paid post or even follow the brand to see more of their content on a consistent basis. To have a strong presence on Instagram, a brand needs to use both organic and paid advertising on their page. Organic growth helps maintain the brand’s current engagements and follower list, while paid growth contributes more engagements and adds more followers to their list.

Madeline LeBlanc '22, Maureen Kelly '22
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