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CURCA Student Conference Fund Trip: AWP in Seattle, WA.

I’m looking to present my experiences at the Association of Writers & Writing Programs (AWP) Conference as part of my travel reimbursement from CURCA. My trip was deeply valuable to my education at WSU. I helped set up the table of printed copies, flyers, pens and bookmarks for Professor Lee Desrosiers. Throughout the day I greeted people walking by and explained why they should submit to either of Desrosiers' literary journals, Naugatuck River Review or WORDPEACE. Professor Desrosiers also generously allowed me some time to explore and network on the convention floor. A lot of my conversations were with small presses and literary journals looking for writers. Hearing about all the publications from in-person representatives gave me a better sense of who I can submit to or work with. There were also a handful of paying magazines and major publishing companies that I exchanged information with. Swapping writing stories with people I would have never met otherwise was also exciting. I’m currently looking into applying to Masters programs soon, so asking real students and faculty about low residency arrangements, course loads and success stories was a unique chance to learn more. I would love to present my more detailed experiences at CURCA to secure my $250 reimbursement.

Liam Foskett '24
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