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CURCA Students in the News 

Rachel Tynan

Rachel made the news with her SSuRF project that examined concerns that the older LGBTQ+ community were experiencing. Rachel worked hands-on in the field studying this issue in the City of Westfield. Link to the article below

Tynan In the News.jpeg

Jarrod Petersen

Jarrod made the news by having his SSuRF project published in Journal of Experimental Biology. His research observed the way which a fish called the Sea Robin used its fin rays to walk on the ocean floor. Link to the article below.

Peterson In the News.jpeg

Corey Pooler

Corey made the news after coming back from his study abroad in Nicaragua.  After a first 15-day service course he attended in Nicaragua as a freshman, Pooler decided to returned as a student leader his Junior to build a community center in the same community. Check out the article from Focus Magazine below!

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