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Do you have a Fixed Mindset? Cultivating a Growth Mindset can change your life!

Having a Fixed Mindset means to believe that you can’t change with no room for growth. Having a Growth Mindset means to believe that you can grow with the challenges that are thrown at you, always willing to learn new ideas. The reason why I chose this topic is because I have had a fixed mindset for a long time with no realization until attending my Comp 2 class. As my journey with adapting to a Growth Mindset progresses, my mental health has begun to have more of a positive outlook in my walk in life. You can’t just achieve this new way of thinking overnight. It’s best to grow in small steps to eventually acquiring attributes that correlate with having a Growth Mindset. An example of having a Growth Mindset is when you receive a poor grade in your midterms. You don’t just apply little effort to the class for the rest of the semester. You actually learn from what you did wrong and approach the material in a different way, that could help you improve in your academics. On the other hand, having a Fixed Mindset in this scenario. You would receive that poor grade on your midterm and not change any of your study habits and proceed to cheat on your HW assignments.  Of course life isn’t easy, but having this Growth Mindset will grow you into the person you are meant to be. When I wrote this song, my intention was to motivate people and spread awareness of how we think impacts our life dramatically.

Shawn Major '25
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