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Why My History Matters

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is the acknowledgement that racism in America is more than just personal racial bias but rather that it is embedded in laws, policies and institutions. In Florida, Gov. Desantis has passed the Stop Woke Act which banned the teaching of CRT and stops businesses from requiring some diversity/inclusivity training. This is a huge problem not only for students whose education is being directly affected, but for other American residents as well. As an African American, this directly affects me. In my life, Critical Race Theory isn’t a theory. It is an undeniable truth that stains every page in the book of my life. It is the history of my people and by erasing it from education you kick it under the rug. This law effectively bans the teaching of my history as it happened. To truly understand my topic, I draw on scholarly sources such as the NAACP Legal defense fund and CRT centered books like Critical Race Theory published by the New York Press. The goal of my poster  is to effectively communicate what CRT is, why it’s important, why the Stop Woke Act is so problematic and how you can help.

Xavier Merkman '26  
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