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Jacob Paddock ‘25
NCUR 2023 – University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, Haas Fine Arts Building
Special Collaborative Artistic Project Winner – Equity/Diversity/Social Justice

Little matters more to me than nature, mother nature, my nature, the nature of things has

always captured my curiosity. Artists such as Wilhelm Theodor Nocken and Rebecca Livermore inspire my perspectives and embolden my artistic approach. Their work captures the scale and vibrant color usage, renewing me with a sense of wonder. I often start by creating inventive source photos and sculptures that are translated into a painted medium. While painting I employ a wet brush sketching method on the canvas to build a base layer that I methodically add onto, utilizing different brush sizes and texturing methods. Above all else I seek to feel connected with my paintings, occasionally using my hands as my utensils. My work incorporates raw emotions that become the closest to someone looking through my eyes, to understand my nature. Although my work primarily focuses on male mental health and the silent suffering we experience, I would be interested in collaborating on Equity/Diversity/Social Justice mural project. I would like to focus on the diversity of human existence and the endless possibilities to create beautiful murals with many perspectives and voices. I possess strong team-oriented skills, incorporating viewpoints and ideas of others to create a unique vision. I believe that I also possess leadership skills both from my role as a senior undergraduate student artist as well as qualifications as the Chief Music Director for WSKB which has me coordinating around two dozen DJs alongside the general manager to create a welcoming and diverse community. I look forward to this incredible opportunity.

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