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Nestor Runner

We would like to present our software engineering project, which is a Nestor themed scrolling game. A scrolling game is one where the playable character stays in place while the background and other entities scroll through the screen, making it appear as though the character is moving. Technologies used for this project include Git version control, GitHub, JavaFX, and Maven. First, we designed the project architecture, then we created a set of features we would like to be implemented. We would pick from the list of desired features and work independently to implement them. We meet frequently to discuss progress and work through blockages. Some challenges we faced involved using Model-View-Controller architecture, cooperating in a group, and implementing physics calculations. The game is currently in development, but we already have an enjoyable game where people can play as Nestor the owl. Before the end of the semester, we hope to have additional features such as allowing players to compete for a high score.

James Summa '23, Noah Kelly '23, Glenn Lane '23, Jacob York '24 
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