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How Brassica nigra is becoming a more dangerous invasive species than Alliaria petiolata

Alliaria petiolata and Brassica nigra are both non-native species that were brought from their native countries to the United States, Brassica nigra in the 1700s and Allaria petiolata in the 1800s. Both of these species have proven to be invasive, exhibiting harmful patterns of growth that interfere with plants native to the United States. We hypothesized that, while Alliaria petiolata has been known to be a harmful invasive species, the growth exhibited by Brassica nigra is troubling. Alliaria petiolata and Brassica nigra are similar species, however, the earlier introduction time and faster growth rate of Brassica nigra are proving to be more harmful to native species. This hypothesis was supported by our findings and we discovered that Brassica nigra has a more growth rate, and occupies more land than Alliaria petiolata.

Paige Walsh '26, Danford Raphael '23,
Caitlyn Chu '25
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