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Music and Sports

For my CURCA project, I researched and am writing a chapter that can be used in the textbook Resonances: Engaging Music in Its Cultural Context as a substitute chapter. My research I have done is on Music and Sports, something I think many college students reading this book for class will relate to and be interested in. This chapter will discuss how close of a relation music and sports have, and how music is symbolic when used for sports. One of the main topics this chapter will be focusing on is music for sport preparation for which I will be using the song We Will Rock You by Queen. Another topic focuses on music used during performance and how athletes personally respond to using music versus no music, and for this I will use the song Eye of the Tiger by Survivor. For the last main topic, we will look at how both music and sports bring together communities and emotions as well as both relating to culture, and for this I am using the Olympics ceremony theme song, since this is a song known to represent people of all parts of the world coming together to participate in sports.