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Biography of Zora Neal Hurston

Zora Neal Hurston, was an author, folklorist, and anthropologist. She was and still is a key figure in the African American community. Hurston moved to Eatonville, Florida, which was her main inspiration. Eatonville, was an all black town which she called her forever home. She was well educated. As she went to Morgan College in Baltimore, Maryland. Also, In 1918 she Attended Howard University in Washington, D.C. In addition, in 1925 she received her BA in Anthropology at Barnard College, Columbia University college in Baltimore, Maryland. She made it a goal in her life to be a role model for black culture. She even went to Haiti and Jamaica to learn the rituals of the African diaspora. Her novels contain strong black cultural elements in them. After her death, author Alice Walker took interest in Hurston’s work and made it public to inspire generations of students. Her novels include her life experiences and the impact that being African American has had on her and how it can impact others.