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The Use of Music in Horror Movies

For my project and presentation, I wrote a chapter that is intended to be added the textbook Resonances: Engaging Music in Its Cultural Context, which was used in my HNRS: Music As a Social Experience Class, taught by Professor Sonya Lawson. The focus of my research was The Use of Music in Horror Films and in the chapter, I discussed the techniques and "science" behind the soundtracks of horror films. The main discussion points of the chapter include descriptions of the terms tension and revulsion and how these effects can be created using music, alongisde scenes from horror films. In the chapter, I also discuss a University of California study that found links between the trends of horror music and human's "fight-or flight" primal instincts. To further discuss the topics, I chose three different examples of music to describe in detail and chart a listening guide for. These three examples are The Dream of Jacob, written by Krzysztof Penderecki , Sikiliza Kwa Wahenga (the main theme in Get Out), composed by Michael Abels, and I Got 5 On It, written by Luniz, with a redition done by Michael Abels. Each of these musical examples are vastly different in style and context is provided for the movies they are featured in and the composers who created them, in the chapter.