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Does Tik Tok Affect a Female's Self-Perception?

Social media is used daily amongst young adults. Research has demonstrated negative mental health issues, such as depression and negative body image in women who have used Instagram. Women compare themselves to other women on social media apps, for example, Instagram, which causes negative mental health issues, such as depression. Since there is a lack of research on TikTok, this new social media app that is based on video sharing may cause negative mental health issues. This study explored the effects that time spent on TikTok may have on female self-perception. It was hypothesized that there would be a negative correlation between the two variables. Participants were females aged from 18-23 years who used the app, TikTok. Participants were asked to complete two questionnaires, one about their time usage on TikTok, and the other about their self-perception. There was not a significant correlation between time and self-perception. The results suggest that time spent on TikTok does not affect self-perception in females. The daily usage of TikTok had no effect on self-perception in young adult women. For future steps, a different study found a correlation between Instagram usage and depression, so investigating depression could be studied next to explore more mental health issues of TikTok.