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Springfield Country Club: A Reflection of Sustainability in Golf

As talks of sustainability continue to be of the utmost concern of most growing industries that case is no different in the golf industry. Sustainability in the golf industry follows the same form of sustainability of other sectors. This includes integrating the “three E’s” of sustainability, which in the golf industry are environmental quality, economic operations, and enjoyment on the course. Golf is an industry that was impacted by COVID in many ways, but it seems to be that the popularity of the sport has risen in the past year. To get a better look into sustainability in the golf industry four important people in the golf sector from Springfield Country Club were interviewed to see where the mindset of sustainability stands for a prominent course in Western Massachusetts. The interviews will illuminate the current status and potential for sustainable practices at Springfield Country Club and based on this data, additional recommendations can be identified. Improving accessibility will end up being a main concern on how to improve sustainability, whether that be by continuing to expand the membership, making the game cheaper for all to enjoy, or something new. It is such a great game that has a lot of life benefits and is a game you can play for all of your life so it is important that the industry continues to keep up with what it must do.

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