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Comparing Methods of Incontinence Care Using Underpads and Briefs Regarding Patient and Nursing Preference With Skin Integrity Outcomes

Introduction/ Background- A standard unit practice with incontinence care is the use of briefs and underpads. There is little research on which product produces the best results regarding patient outcomes such as skin integrity, comfortable feeling and satisfaction. Objective- Mixed methods analysis to evaluate the use of underpads and briefs comparing skin integrity with nursing and patient preference. Methods- Patients at a long term acute care facility (N=200) randomly separated into two groups; underpads or briefs for 4 weeks. A pre and post survey given to nurses to determine effectiveness, responsiveness and overall preference. Daily nursing skin assessments will be conducted throughout the study. Nurses will be surveyed on which method they preferred for ease of use and effectiveness. A pre and post survey also given to patients to determine comfort, mobility and overall preference. A pre and post paired analysis will be conducted on the nursing surveys, incidence of skin integrity, and patient satisfactions. To determine our project trajectory a literary search and review of evidence was performed. Results- Hospital staff will gain insight to more reliable and beneficial product outcomes regarding skin integrity, compared to which product patients prefer. Implications- This research could change the standard incontinence product use regarding which product had better outcomes for patients and nurses.