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Promoting Attendance and Completion of Cardiac

Cardiac Rehab is an exercise program aimed towards patients with previous heart problems who are in rehabilitation and patients recovering from surgery affecting the heart. The program also assists in promoting lifestyle changes regarding education, medication adherence, diet changes and smoking cessation. Research has shown patients who attend weekly and complete the full course have a speedier recovery and less risk of future heart problems. This scholarly project was conducted to investigate all the benefits of going to cardiac rehab versus not going and then to provide this education to staff who will promote the benefits of staying active in the cardiac rehab programs to patients. A literary search was conducted on scholarly electronic databases to attain evidence on the benefits of cardiac rehab. The literature included a systemic review of randomized controlled clinical trials, non-randomized controlled clinical trials, statistical samples, availability sampling, assessment of needs, literature review, expert opinion, qualitative and quantitative research. The evidence concluded that educating patients on the benefits of cardiac rehab results in them being more likely to attend weekly and and complete the program. The evidence also supports patients who complete the full program to be more likely to continue the lifestyle changes after the program. This scholarly project also provides additional resources and advice to help patients make the necessary lifestyle changes and sustain them. Providing this education and resource to the staff hopes to promote improved compliance with cardiac rehab program attendance and completion rates in the future.

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