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Promoting and Maintaining Pulmonary Health for Patients in the Hospital

Background: The literature describes that repositioning patients is key to reducing the risk of the collapse of small airways (atelectasis) and the development of pneumonia. Patients who are not able to independently move around in bed or to get out of bed without assistance, need to be assisted by nursing staff to perform these activities. Objective: To increase awareness by nurses of the importance of getting patients out of bed for two hours per day. Methods An educational intervention the form of a brochure for nurses working on a medical surgical unit. The brochure will be based on the evidence highlighting the importance of placing their patients a chair, in the sitting position for at least two hours during the day. Results: An increased number of nurses will assist their patients out of bed into a chair after receiving the education. Implications: providing an education intervention to nurses will reduce the pulmonary complications associated with immobility on the medical surgical unit.

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