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Considering Breast Reduction Surgery and Still Want To Breastfeed?

Breast reduction surgery rates are increasing rapidly in women who have not yet had children. Many of these women still want to breastfeed their future children. A simple google search will tell these women that 50% of women cannot breastfeed after breast reduction surgery. This might be deterring women from getting the surgery they desire. As this shift occurs it begs the question are women who have had breast reduction surgery compared to those that don't less able to exclusively breastfeed their child? A literature search was conducted on the topic. The research shows that women who have had breast reduction surgery are at risk for not being able to exclusively breast feed their children if they do not have education about how to talk their surgeons about their breastfeeding goals. Women seeking breast reduction surgery should be made aware of this and should be educated on questions to ask their surgeons. The purpose of this project is to educate women on questions to ask their surgeons and the importance of informing the medical staff that they still want to breastfeed after surgery.

Sarah Tanner '23
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